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Status updated 1 min ago
Yes Pixelmon 3.0.3 has been released. Yes we will be updating shortly! Follow us on twitter (@JuicesPixelmon), or check back here periodically for updates!

Quick reminder that the new 1.7 map will not be released until Pixelmon is updated to 3.1 and supports the new minecraft terrain generation. We're still unsure as to when that will be, but we're hearing that it's not that far off!
nathannegredo can u update it to 3.0.4
PureBlueSoul yesss cant wait
Hey guys, 

Just a heads up, server as well as the TeamSpeak will be down overnight tonight for around 8 hours max. 

In an effort to improve the connection and overall experience, the dedicated server is physically being moved to another data center, meaning the box itself is actually being driven from Buffalo, NY, to its new home in New York City. 

This is very exciting, and should improve connections for both US and EU players. 

If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line! 

[Elite] mysteryman8476 With the update to 3.0.2, will legendaries be deactivated? What with the rayquaza spanwing glitch and all
Valon750 With the down time and whatnot, I was wondering what exactly is holding the server back from updating to the latest vers ...
[Owner] CamBlack a Patience guys, a new map is in the works ...
Hey guys, 

I keep seeing this pop up around the forum and on the server. Despite all of the news we've been putting out, I still see people saying that the server is dying. This is anything but true. Just because there's a lack of activity doesn't mean the server is dying. 

Yes, we have lost a lot of staff. Juice and I have already talked this over and we will be recruiting some more staff before the next big update. What few active staff we have left are busy working on this next update! We have a lot of big things coming. To put it simply, we're waiting. The current server is pretty much on pause until Pixelmon hits 1.7. 

We've just had a brand new HUGE 1.7 custom map created for us by Teras using WorldPainter. The new map is AMAZING. This map will be used for both the adventure server, and the survival server. 

Just because things haven't been happening on the current server doesn't mean things aren't happening at all. I've been working in getting our website revamped, as you can see things are starting to change. It's nowhere near complete, but it's a work in progress and definitely an improvement. 

We've also been working hard in our development servers to get these new maps built up with towns, gyms, malls, shops, etc. as well as sorting out plugin changes, and new server features. 

We're not going to rush things like we did with the first map. Once everything is complete with 1.7, new maps, towns, fully functioning gyms, etc., Juicetra will be playing and streaming on the server more often. Because let's face it, nobody wants to play on a server with no gyms and not much else to do. We're aware of this. So we're taking our time and getting things right this time. 

Oh, and Premium members! Thank you! These custom worlds, new servers, etc. are expensive! Without your dedication and support, none of this would be possible. Give us some time, and this server will be back to running 100%! I promise! 
[Elite] mysteryman8476 Yeah, probably the only reason i dont play on the sub server as often as i'd like is because i have to switch the mods a ...
[Legend] Buddy2004 Excited to see the new server P.s can u goto 3.0.2 so I can play on here again and juices sub server at the same time ...
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